Doors open 90 minutes before showtimeIf you want a seat- get in early.

It's a small venue, but the show is available on TV in the snug, if you arrive late.

Showing Respect:   We operate a policy of not talking when the musicians are playing.  

Everyone who is attending a show at Blues At The Bay is here to see and, more importantly, hear the musicians playing.  

The musicians will also appreciate your listening to the music they are creating.    

So please show respect to both the audience members around you and to the musicians

by not having conversations when they are playing.  

If you're not in agreement with our policy we'd suggest not attending shows at The Blues At The Bay. 

Ultimately we want everyone to have a great time, to enjoy every moment of their evening with us

and to do so in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and safe.

Please check the Diary page to see who is playing here next.

No upcoming events at the moment
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